Statement on Counselling Programs

The Hope & Area Transition Society is committed to providing professional, ethical and integral services to clients seeking support for family violence, addictions or other related social issues.

The Society will take every possible step to ensure safety for all clients and staff.



To be treated with respect and dignity. To treat others with dignity and respect and to refrain from abuse, or the threat of abuse to Staff or other Clients.

To receive the highest quality of support from our staff. To follow guidelines.

To ask questions and be informed about available services. To make our staff aware of information that may be relevant to their safety and the safety of our staff and clients at the Transition House and in Society Programs.

To be dealt with in a professional manner. To refrain from use of non-prescription drugs or alcohol while a resident of the Transition House, clients who access other services will be reviewed on a case by case basis as the harm reduction theory is supported at the Outpatient Clinic.

To receive adequate notice regarding the cancellation of appointments. To notify our staff if appointments need to be rescheduled.

To have all personal information kept confidential, except when permission is
given for release or when release of
information is required by law.
To keep all information concerning other clients, at the Transition House or in group sessions, confidential.

To disagree with staff members.  To request a different staff member.  To choose or decline. To discuss with a staff member if they wish to change to another staff member.