Children Who Witness Abuse

 What is C.W.W.A?

A psycho-educational initiative aimed at ultimately breaking the cycle of violence against women and children. Children can participate in group sessions or individual one-to-one sessions.

Our Goals…

  • To dispel common myths surrounding family violence
  • To provide a non-threatening environment to talk about feelings and help teach healthy ways to express anger, hurt, fear, etc
  • To let children know that they are not alone and help them share their thoughts and feelings with others from similar family situations
  • To define abuse (physical, emotional, verbal and sexual) and to let the children know their personal rights
  • To teach problem solving and coping skills
  • To identify the causes and effects of conflict

Are You Being Abused?

CALL:  Police at 911

Jean Scott Transition House
Toll Free:  1.877.869.5191

Children Who Witness Abuse
Toll Free:  1.877.869.5191

Children Who Witness Abuse Program Office

Childrens’ Help Line