Domestic ViolenceStatement on Family Violence

Family violence involves the intent of a person to control by means of physical, psychological, sexual, spiritual, financial, or property abuse. The purpose of this abuse is to control behaviour by the inducement of fear. Underlying all abuse is a power imbalance between the victim and their abuser. The term family violence will encompass the implications of the violence for society as a whole.

Statement on Security

Society sees personal security as a fundamental human right. We are therefore committed to providing a safe haven where women and their children can seek shelter while fleeing from abusive relationships. The Hope and Area Transition Society will take every possible step to ensure safety for all Residents and Staff.

Abuse is defined as:

  1. Any imposed action that deprives an individual of their dignity
  2. Forcing an individual to do something against their will.

Abuse Takes Many Forms—Have you…

  • Had arguments with your partner where you were threatened, insulated or verbally attacked
  • Felt afraid of your partners behavior such as reckless driving, use of drugs and alcohol or threatening behavior
  • Been prevented from seeing your friends or family, getting a job, going to school or church
  • Been constantly criticized by your partner for how you look or what you wear
  • Been told you are to blame for all the problems in the relationship
  • Been made to have sex when or in ways that you did not want

If you identify with these statements you may be experiencing abuse in your relationship.