Jean Scott Transition House

Hope  & Area Transition Society  Jean Scott Transition HouseThe goal of the Jean Scott Transition House is to provide a safe shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

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Everyone has the right…

  • To live free from abuse, violence and the threat of violence in relationships and in society
  • To live free of poverty, racism and prejudice
  • To access resources, support and information concerning their human and legal rights
  • To consent and decline services
  • To expect ethical, qualified, experienced and well supervised services
  • To be involved in any decision made on behalf themselves which may impact on their progress and quality of life


  • All children must have the right to physical safety and psychological and emotional security to fully realize their individual potential
  • The liberation of women will occur when we accept and celebrate diversity and reach political, economic, social and cultural equality

Jean Scott Transition House is an 8-bed facility, providing free accommodations and support services to women with or without their children who are fleeing an abusive environment.  We are staffed 24-hours. 

You can reach the Transition House at 604-869-5191