Extreme Weather Alert Cancelled



I have been designated under the Assistance to Shelter Act as the Community Representative for the (town/municipality/village/township) of___Hope_______, British Columbia. 


On ___November 7, 2018____ I issued an Extreme Weather Alert (EWA) for the (town/municipality/village/township) of ____Hope__________, British Columbia. 


There is no longer a need for the EWA to remain in effect and, as such, I am issuing a Cancellation of an EWA.  It would be appreciated if the police department in receipt of this e-mail acknowledged receipt of this message to me only – no other recipients need to reply.


Thanks again for your assistance,


Eloise Godden



Cancellation of an Extreme Weather Alert


Pursuant to sec. 2(2)(e) of the Assistance to Shelter Act the Extreme Weather Alert (EWA) issued on November 7, 2018 for the (town/municipality/village/township) of _____Hope____________, British Columbia, is now cancelled.  The authorities in the Assistance to Shelter Act for police to assist persons at risk due to extreme weather conditions are no longer in effect.


This Cancellation of an EWA is being issued on March 19, 2019 at (9:41), due to improved weather conditions and forecast.

Cancellation of an EWA issued by: (Eloise Godden), Community Representative for the (town/municipality/village/township) of________Hope________, British Columbia.