Extreme Weather Response

Extreme Weather Alert Cancellation

January 15, 2018- Cancellation of Emergency Weather Alert (EWA) issued on December 8, 2018. Due to improved weather conditions and forecast pursuant to sec. 2(2)(e) of the Assistance to Shelter Act, the EWA issued for the municipality of Hope, British Columbia is now cancelled.
The authorities in the Assistance to Shelter Act for police to assist persons at risk due to extreme weather conditions are no longer in effect.
An EWA is issued when weather is forecast to be below 0 degrees Celsius and there are no available beds in the Emergency Shelter Program.
For more information, questions or concerns regarding the EWA program, please call 604-869-1844.

For the Emergency Shelter please call:



EXTREME WEATHER ALERTS (EWA) are issued between November and March 31st when the following conditions apply:
– The Emergency Shelter Program is full
– Temperatures are 0 degrees or below
– Measurable or significant snow accumulation
– Conditions deemed severe enough to present a substantial threat to the life or health of homeless
Staffing is on-call so those individuals needing to access the EWA program which operates from 8pm-7:30am, MUST call EW cell-604-869-1844, prior to their arrival in order that appropriate staffing and transportation arrangements can be made. When issued, we will post all Extreme Weather Alerts to our Facebook and website pages.
If you would like more information regarding the EWA program, please call 604-869-5111.