House of Hope Emergency Shelter Program

As the primary function, emergency shelters provide temporary accommodation and essential services designed to meet the essential, immediate needs of the homeless for shelter, food, and security.  Shelters provide short-term responses to challenges of homelessness.  However, shelters and related service providers are part of the housing and services continuum.  Their function in this program is to act as a gateway to stable housing and support services.

Essential Services

When it comes to working with clients who are experiencing multiple barriers the Hope and Area Transition Society’s practice is to develop case plans and help support the client to meet their housing goals. The Homeless Outreach Program is directly linked to BC Housing. Within the services and programs that the agency offers, referrals are made to necessary organizations, service providers, government agencies and medical practitioners.

The Emergency Shelter  is a moderate barrier shelter for individuals who are in need of temporary shelter accommodations. Individuals must be able to maintain themselves, their room and be able to share a common living space.

The length of stay for a client will be considered on a case-to-case base.  Our mission for this program is to help people secure adequate, affordable, and in some cases supported housing through case management practices.



Access to Service

24hours a day 7 days a week

Contact: 604-869-7574

650 old Hope Princeton, Hope BC
V0X 1L4