Aboriginal Mentorship Program

Aboriginal Mentor Program

Our Goals:

  • To build resilient children and youth who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to resist the unhealthy social conditions and peer pressures in their community.
  • To build supportive and capable parents who will support their children in making healthy life-choices.
  • To build healthy partnerships between community partners and families.
  • To collaboratively work with school personnel to establish a wrap-around support service for students.
  • Improvements in Aboriginal student’s achievement as per Goal 2 of the District Achievement Plan.

The Objectives:

  • To enhance children and youth’s social and emotional competencies.
  • To develop healthy relationships between student peers such that the peer group influence on individuals at-risk is positive and restorative
  • To enhance Aboriginal students capacity for health and wellness
  • To develop healthy family relationships that structure and nurture Aboriginal children and youth’s health and wellness
  • To increase academic achievement in students


The in-school Aboriginal Mentor is dedicated to providing and exploring safe, culturally appropriate mentoring services for Aboriginal youth.

The mentor provides individualized social and emotional support services, resource referrals, direct services to enable supports, resilience (leadership and relationship based). Referrals to see this worker can be received from several points including FNSW’s, teachers, school administrators, school counselors, bands and self-referrals.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Mentor for Hope Secondary School
Hope and Area Transition Society
604-869-5111 (office)