Boston Bar Community Program

This unique School-Based Program was developed in collaboration with School District 78, Ministry of Children and Family Development and Hope & Area Transition Society. This program offers social and emotional support to students who are attending Boston Bar Elementary Secondary School from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Students have the opportunity to receive one-on-one counselling support, family support and the opportunity to participate in one of the many groups offered by a caring H.A.T.S staff member. Class presentations are also offered on topics such as healthy
relationships, communication, and feelings.


  • To build resilient youth and students who have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to resist the unhealthy social conditions and peer pressures in their community.
  •  To build supportive and capable parents who will support their children in making healthy life-choices.
  •  To build healthy partnerships between the school, other community agencies and families so that a network of support and wellness is provided for each child.


  • To develop long-lasting, effective partnerships with regional and provincial networks and agencies that will contribute measurably to the enhancement of the community’s capacity for health and wellness.
  • To develop healthy relationships between student peers such that the peer group influence on individuals at-risk is positive and restorative.
  • To develop healthy family relationships that structure and nurture children’s health and wellness.
  • To measurably reduce incidents of student suspensions related to violence, drugs and alcohol use.
  • To improve student achievement.
  • To develop healthy family, school, and community relationships that support healthy life-style choices.
A variety of play and craft activities are utilized to support positive connections. Students participating in this program have the opportunity to explore topics such as:
  • Family dynamics & changes in family
  • Communication styles
  • Building and maintaining social supports and networks
  • Healthy relationships including friendship and dating relationships
  • Feelings and healthy ways to express emotions
  • Self-care and self-esteem
  • Grief and loss

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