School-Based Violence Prevention

A psycho-educational initiative aimed at ultimately breaking the cycle of violence against women and children. This program is offered to all school-aged children in Fraser-Cascade School District.

The Violence Prevention Program has been created for students to develop a sense of social responsibility, and tolerance and respect for the ideas and beliefs of others. This program can be used in meeting the social responsibility performance standards by addressing the issues of children exposed to domestic violence.

Our Goal:

The goal of the School-Based Violence Prevention program is to promote and educate students on the negative effects of violence and abuse within their lives; whether at school, at home, in their relationships or with society.

The Objectives:

  1. To provide age appropriate material on topics relevant to addressing violence and abuse in our lives, homes and community’s
  2. To evaluate beliefs, values and stereotypes that surround violence
  3. To analysis the impact that media has on perpetuating violence and abuse in our lives
  4. To determine what is healthy and unhealthy in relationships